Greg Stack’s law office window

When lawyer Greg Stack approached painter, sculptor and friend Thomas Hutchings about creating a new window display for his Duckworth St. practice, he said he wanted something unusual.

What Hutchings came up with was an elaborate 3-D parody of the economy of law—in hand sculpted clay miniature no less. For just over a year passersby and clients of Stack & Associates have had a bird’s eye view of what has got to be St. John’s only legal diorama.

The window opens up onto an amalgam of Duckworth and Water, bookended by models of both the lockup and the courtroom sides of the courthouse. The street is abuzz with incidents and accidents, depicting what Hutchings describes as everything you might need a lawyer for.

Two officers drag a pot smoker to the lockup. Another cop leans against his car sipping a coffee and ogling a lady pedestrian, while two kids steal his tires. A fight is being broken up. A purse snatcher is on the loose. An ambulance speeds towards a gory car crash. Running close behind it is none other than lawyer Greg Stack: fully-gowned and swooping in for the take.

When asked if he is an artist by trade, Thomas Hutchings says jokingly that he’s one by curse. But law-inspired miniatures are by no means his mainstay. Hutchings is currently concentrating on his painting.

– Lesley Thompson

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  1. Terry Gardner · September 17, 2012

    Amazing work! I used to know Thomas quite well, and everything he’s done, from a painting of my grandparents to a small loose change box covered with my favourite metal band logos has been incredible. Would like to see him again. Does he still have a gallery?

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