Goat Walk

Lester’s Farm on Brookfield Road has opened its doors for another season. After 150 years of farming, the Lesters are known for fresh produce, fine ice cream, a confusing corn maze, and more recently, their tower-scaling goats.

Several years ago, one of John Lester’s sons attended a farm marketing conference in North Carolina and returned with the unusual idea of a goat walk, the only in the province.

Just beyond the petting barn, a four tiered, wooden ramp sits at the centre of a large goat pen. Outside the three and a half foot fence is a candy dispenser filled with feed. Connecting the two is a pullied clothesline with a bucket attached. For 25 cents, you can sprinkle the bucket with feed and reel it up 20 feet to the top platform. The goats then trot up the incline for a well-earned nibble.

Goats, John says, are fast learners and fearless climbers. Training them to walk the walk is a cinch—they even teach each other.

On the sunny day I visited the farm, a dozen or so enthralled kids were begging their parents for more quarters. I couldn’t help but wonder about overweight goats toppling the towers. But John assured me that the daily food supply is a set and healthy amount, and once its gone, its gone.

– Lesley Thompson

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Photos by Lesley Thompson

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