Devonshire Pet Memorial Services

When our cat Pearl died, the ground was frozen. So down she went into the deep freeze, nestled between the blueberries and the old plum puddings. When the ground thawed, Mom ceremoniously dug a small grave in the back yard and, while our other cats circled curiously, placed Pearl into the ground.

As most people know, the Ancient Egyptians mummified their much-revered cats, and the Romans also commerated their pets with dedicated burial grounds and stone monuments. The Parisian suburb of Asnière-sur-Seine has the Cimetière des Chiens, a pet cemetary established in 1899 where the famous Rin Tin Tin is buried.

St. John’s own pet necropolis turns 10 years old this month. Devonshire Pet Memorial Services is the business of Allan and Elizabeth Molloy, two pet lovers dedicated to helping provide closure to the family of the departed.

The Molloys offer funeral services complete with casket, a viewing, interment, and a grave marker. The animals are buried in their five-acre cemetery in Torbay. Devonshire’s most popular option is their cremation service, which is priced by weight and comes with an urn of your choosing.

Over the years, Allan and Elizabeth have laid to rest everything from geckos to iguanas, giving solace to pet lovers while freeing up the city’s deep freezes and back gardens.

– Lesley Thompson

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  1. Andrew Coady · January 11, 2011

    When my cat passed away back in Feb of this year, Devonshire was very accommidating for our needs.
    I am very thankful for their professional services that was available at such a difficult time.
    Thanks again Allan.


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