Skatepark Approved

A proposal for an indoor skateboard and BMX facility in central St. John’s was unanimously approved by city council at the meeting on May 16.

The proposed facility, which will consist of a retail store and a subterranean skatepark of roughly 5000 square feet, rankled several local residents and business owners in the Mundy Pond area, who cited noise, vandalism, and loitering as their primary concerns.

Entrepreneur Rob Yetman, who operates Turndown BMX, an existing indoor park on Waterford Bridge Road, met with six of these concerned neighbours on May 10 to discuss the issues.

Yetman says the meeting digressed from the residents’ noise, vandalism, and loitering concerns to complaints and arguments about how there aren’t enough street lights in their neighbourhood and similar unrelated gripes.

At the St. John’s City Council Meeting on May 16, city councilors discussed the proposal, ultimately approving it unanimously.

Yetman estimates the new facility, which will be constructed at 77 Blackmarsh Road, will take about six weeks to build, the main hurdle having been getting the go-ahead from city council. His original hope was to have the facility up and running by late June, but he’s since revised this goal to a mid-July opening.