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“Your Masterpiece” by Repartee

Sep 14, 2012

Tonight (Sept 14th), Repartee will kick off their fall tour with an action-packed show at The Rockhouse along with rap-rock group Hear/Say. Today’s track “Your Masterpiece” is from Repartee’s brand new EP entitled Hello Hello Hello, which will be available at the show. I recently checked in with Meg Warren (vocals/keys) for an update on the new EP and recent changes in the bands line-up.

So you guys have a new EP out? How would you describe its sound?
I think we’ll be ‘finding our sound’ for a long time, but I think this EP is a step closer for us as a band. I’d call it fun, concise, hooky, dancy… I’d be happy with any of those words. Especially dancy because I just made it up.

How did the writing and recording process go for the EP?
This EP is a much more accurate representation of the band as a collective. The songwriting is now done by myself, Robbie Brett and Nick Coultas-Clarke, and that comes through in the tunes. We wrote a lot of it when we were home between tours last winter, after weeks of jamming a ton and playing with new sounds. We recorded it in CBS with Rob Rose at Car Crash Studios… lots of fun… plus we got to record with some of our deadly friends, like Andrew James O’Brien who’s featured on the last track of the EP.

With the recent departure of Tyler Lovell to the mainland, Repartee has gone from being a quartet to a trio. Who’s gonna fill those shoes?
We love Tyrone and miss waking up to his nipples all the time on tour… that actually happened. He had to leave the band to go learn fancy sound things at OIART. We don’t have a permanent fourth member yet, but the lovely Josh Banfield (Catcher, Blown Wide Open) is coming on this next tour with us.

Catch Repartee with Hear/Say at The Rockhouse tonight (Sept 14th) and pick up a copy of their deadly new EP Hello Hello Hello.

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