You say you want a resolution

Members of the local music scene make some New Year’s resolutions.

Compiled by David Keating.

Our New Years’ resolution is to use more floor tom, more solo synth, fewer downstrokes and a greater number of offbeats. And to start exercising regularly.
— Luke Major of Mercy, the Sexton

I guess the resolution would be to see how many instruments we can add before it gets annoying.
— Paul Alexander of Quiet Elephant

To have all band members living in the same province.
— Ryan Taylor of Sonny Tripp

I am flying to Australia in February, so things in our camp will be mostly hushed. However the idea is to continue to write and correspond, and, through the magic of weberspace, keep sharing musical ideas so that when I come home we’ll be on something of the same page.
— Greg Hewlett of Pelago

My resolution is to finish my degree and two albums that I’m working on and try for the Guinness World record for the most joints smoked in a year.
— Colleen Power

I resolve that 2010 will be the year of the Belly! Ha!
— Joe Belly

More music, less industry. Tour more. Couches are a great source of sleep.
— Jon Janes of The Mountains and The Trees

Kujo intends to cut back on cheese and carbohydrates in the new year. Kujo is also going to try driving more defensively.
— Victor Lewis of Kujo

I am not one for resolutions but I guess I would have to say ‘not to do five albums in one year again.’ Nearly bankrupting myself and not having human contact for most of the last year was pretty hard… otherwise… Gymming it up and saving some money sounds good.
— Jerry Stamp

The Subtitles resolve to finish their debut record and to tour it as far across Canada as our little legs will carry us.
— Bryan Power of The Subtitles

My resolution in this year 2010 would be to adhere to the rules of the ‘Do What You Feel Festival’. ie: if it feels good, do it, as long as it doesn’t hurt others.
— Andrew Wickens of The Troubletones

2010 is definitely the year for The Mudflowers. We’re laying down the beer and getting ourselves in gear. The album will be out this year, and we’re currently looking to print t-shirts. We’re going to be laying low for a little while but keep an eye out because things are still happening and getting done. BRB St. John’s!
— Megan McLaughlin of The Mudflowers

To not use texting to get myself out of awkward situations.
— Jason Mooney of Over The Top