“You Belong To Me” by The Elizabeateans

The Elizabeatans – You Belong To Me from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

This Friday, Sept, 28th, at The Ship, St. John’s band The Elizabeatans will be recording their first album. They’re recording a live album in one night surrounded by friends and fans. Yesterday I asked frontman Nick Ryan about the project.

What made you decide to record a live album instead of going into the studio?
We’re really interested in having something organic. Also, the crowd is just as important to the atmosphere of the music as the instruments.

So will the record be all new material?
The album is mostly music written in the last few months but their are some songs we’ve kept since the band began.

Are the songs pretty well arranged and nailed down or is there some room for jamming in there?
For the most part the music will be arranged. However we’re not going to neglect the jamming and improv aspects of a live recording, we’re hoping to use that as an advantage.

Who will be recording the album?
Justin Davis [of Heavyweather] will be recording the album. I don’t know the technicalities of recording but I’m going to say “smoke and mirrors.”

Have you come up with a title for the record yet?
I’ve been thinking The Elizabeatans Live At The Ship. It’s the obvious title but we’re looking to have something that really has a mark and association of St. John’s. However, Prose & Cons has a nice ring to it.

Nice, I like that one. Once the record is done how will you be distributing it?
It will be packaged for sale and available for purchase online.

So what’s next for the Elizabeatans once the record is out there?
After the album release we’re hoping to begin some touring and recording some songs of ours in studio that we don’t feel lend themselves as easily to live recordings…with more complex arrangements.

Today’s track “You Belong to Me” comes to us in video form courtesy of the incredible Heavy Weather crew. Join The Elizabeatans Friday night (Sept 28th) at The Ship with Danielle Bailey and The Pathological Lovers and have your screams and applause immortalized on their new live album.