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“Worst” by Sludge Bucket Jones

Jun 27, 2013

Imagine if The Meat Puppets, Captain Beefheart, Eels and a Mellow Gold era Beck got together one inebriated night and decided to make an album. The result might sound something like Sludge Bucket Jones’ 2013 RPM Challenge album The Lone Ranger. Sludge Bucket Jones is the musically deranged alter-ego of musician Jonah Emke, a member of several beloved local bands like East of Empire and The Lurks.

For an album that exhibits complete disregard for musical conventions—time signatures, melody and harmony, The Lone Ranger is a surprisingly entertaining listen from start to finish. Most of the songs consist of cool slacker vocals, scrappy acoustic chugging, a junkyard style rhythm section and some inventive, yet often dissonant guitar leads. I know this sounds far from a glowing review, but I honestly love this record. it’s definitely one of my favorites from 2013. I love weird, off-kilter music and The Lone Ranger by Sludge Bucket Jones fits the bill perfectly.

Sludge Bucket Jones will be performing tonight (Thursday, June 27th) at Fixed Coffee & Baking and as far as I know this is their first live show. Check it out along with their RPM album at link below.

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