“What The Funk Mixtape Vol .1” by DJ Nomad

DJ Nomad (aka Jonathan Marshall) is a breaks DJ, b-boy, and dance music aficionado based out of St. John’s. Constantly on the lookout for fresh new samples to add to his arsenal, Jonathan’s diverse tastes show through in his music. Nomad was initially inspired to become a DJ through his love of and involvement with breakdancing, making him all the more aware of how elements of music translates to the dance floor. As you can tell from today’s mixtape, his beats are fresh, energetic and bound to get bodies moving.

Jonathan is also branching out into music production of late, currently working on his own small independent record label right here in St. John’s called Nomadic Beats. Keep eyes and ears out for DJ Nomad this fall in clubs as he has some shows in the works as well — one of which will be at MOM Fest in early September, an event to help those affected by cancer.



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