“What Do We Do” by Lady Brett Ashley

“What Do We Do” by Lady Brett Ashley

You may be familiar with Lady Brett Ashley as a character from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, but it is also the moniker under which a mysterious singer-songwriter named Heather recorded her RPM debut this past February. Heather recorded what she describes as “a series of one-take wonders performed in my bathtub” and at the end of the month ended up with eight tracks of sparse, low-fi goodness entitled Porcelain Pages.

The record opens up with the abstract sound collage “The Winds Be Blowing,” which features a line of Melodica backed by ukulele, guitar and a rhythm of sporadic taps and clicks most likely produced using shampoo bottles. The song ends of with about two minutes of absolute silence before track two, “The Farewell Party,” marking the beginning of the singer-songwriter portion of the album. The third track, “This Old Fire,” bears a striking resemblance to Sackville uke-slinger, Pat LePoidevin’s “You Know Your War” from his 2010 debut Moonwolves. Porcelain Pages continues with a handful of melancholy ballads for the bleeding heart like “Wilted Ivy” and “Last Winter.” Today’s track, the light hearted uke-ditty “What Do We Do,” is placed strategically in the middle of the album, breaking up the melancholy like the sun peaking through the clouds.

Check out the rest of Lady Brett Ashley’s Porcelain Pages on her RPM Challenge Page.

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  1. Heather · April 1, 2012

    This was mine! aha I didn’t see this when it was published!

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