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Stop what you’re doing and watch these six brand new HEAVYWEATHER videos right now.

Oct 12, 2012

Music in St. John’s started looking a whole lot better last summer when HEAVYWEATHER released their first video of Joanna Barker singing “Empty Boat Ashore” on a floating dock in the harbour. Since then, HEAVYWEATHER has made over 130 videos of more than 100 local and visiting musicians playing in basements, forests, music stores, art marathons, graveyards, and everywhere in between.

Last night, as part of MusicNL Week, HEAVYWEATHER hosted a Night with Heavy Weather at The Ship. The evening featured six past HEAVYWEATHER subjects: Barker (this time in the woods), Sherry Ryan, Steve Maloney, Andrew James O’Brien, East Of Empire, and Hear/Say performing live followed by screenings of new videos featuring each.

The following is a feast for the senses.

Joanna Barker – Worry’s Nervous Daughter from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Andrew James O’Brien – A Light Will Come from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Steve Maloney – Sentence from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Hear/Say – Much More from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

East Of Empire – Winter Song / Door Locked from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Sherry Ryan – On Paper from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

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