“Victory” by Al Drysdale

“Victory” by Al Drysdale
Al Drysdale first participated in the RPM Challenge in 2008 and has done so every year since. His music is a blend of singer-songwriter crooning, hard rock riffage and an abundance of digital effects. A confessed home-studio recording enthusiast, Al pushes record and goes for it. No fancy overdubbing, editing or post-production, everything is raw and un-filtered.

This year Al took a page from Neil Young’s Le Noise and recorded an album of just digitally processed electric guitar and vocals. His album Comet Catcher begins with “Ryan’s Commander” a tragic tale of the shipwreck of the fishing vessel by the same name in 2004. There are also songs about haunted houses (“Haunted House”), lost love (“Miss You”), zombies (“Living Dead”) and war (“Unknown Soldier”). The album is also peppered with instrumental tracks which features some Eddie Van Halen style hammer-ons and impressive guitar acrobatics. Today’s track “Victory” is the triumphant ode to the fighter as Al sings lines like “Stand strong, stick to your guns… believe… push forward”, encouraging the listener not to give up –- an encouraging mantra for RPMers everywhere during February.



  1. Eelanus · June 12, 2011

    Al Drysdale is one of my favourite people in the world. :)

  2. Jake Hunter · June 12, 2011

    God bless scope writer and Eealanus.I sang in choirs years ago and open mikes.I recorded with ray lake and asked for grant from council but was turned down.I started to record on my own for the love of music
    Somedays it takes all just to carry on.The scope reminds me of my last dream …rock n roll.cheers
    : )

  3. Jake Hunter · June 12, 2011

    Thank you Eelanus youre a light in the eternal darkness :)

  4. Eelanus · June 12, 2011

    Awww, thanks Jake. :)

    I just like to see people do what they love to do.