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Recently nominated for two Music Nova Scotia awards – “Alternative Recording” and “New Artist” – Halifax’s progressive pop rock quartet Down With The Butterfly will be in St. John’s for four performances over this Thanksgiving weekend. Elling Lien sent guitarist Kris Pope some questions by e-mail.

What’s your band’s mission? 

Our mission is to play music for millions of empty seats and make hundreds of dollars and then take over the world.  I’m not sure the rest of the guys share the same point of view, nor do I care! 
They might say something like, “You should of said that our mission is to make beautiful intense music that we can share with others all the while travel the world making new friends.” (They’re so predictable.)

What inspires you guys?

Friends, family, love, hate, little people who do big things, basically anything that’s done with passion.

Why come to Newfoundland?

We first came to Newfoundland last January through the Rock Can Roll Independant Music Festival, put on by Liz Pickard. We were treated like Queens and Princesses!
We had such a great time and loved the place so much that this upcoming trip will be our third voyage to your beautiful island.

If you aren’t down with the butterfly, what animal are you down with?

We’re down with the bum bark beetle and all its positive energy!

What kind of meal goes well with your music?

Any type of meal that is served hot and steamy with chocolate sauce dripping from every edge of the plate.

What has been the band’s best food experience on this tour so far?

To be honest, the best meals are usually when we stay at a friend or a family member’s place.  My mum made us a big ham dinner with scallopped potatoes. That was a highlight for sure.

…And the worst?

In June we stopped at an Ultramar with a restaurant that had a $5 breakfast special. We’d been driving all night from Montreal and were starved. Dave (our singer) found a hair on his plate and he started screaming “hair on my plate! Hair on my plate!” 
He refused to eat it, asked for his money back, but instead of giving him his money back they brought him another breakfast that he once again refused to eat because he started yelling “hair on my plate! Hair on my plate!”
The meal was terrible.

What would be the band’s ideal last supper?

George Bush.

Down with the Butterfly will be performing…

Thursday w/ Cherie Pyne (solo) 10:30, The Ship

Friday w/ The Human Soundtrack, 10:30, CBTG’s

Saturday w/ Hey Rosetta!, 10pm, Junctions

Sunday, 7pm, Hava Java.

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