“Trunk” by The Thymes

“Trunk” by The Thymes

This Saturday (July, 28) St. John’s rockers The Thymes will be releasing their shiny new self-titled EP at The Levee. The band kindly sent me the EP in advance and I love it. From the full-on, fun rock swagger “Trunk” to the chugging closer “Ghost Machine” every song is packed full of hooks, memorable melodies and good vibes, and The Thymes know how to write one hell of a catchy pop song. I recently asked front-man Jeremy Rice a couple questions about the new EP.

How did the writing process go for the EP?
The writing came very naturally. I brought a pile of rough ideas to the band and we just hacked them out, trimming fat in places and adding flesh in others. Once we had a full set of material and a few shows under our belts, recording seemed the next logical step. I’m happy to say that the writing has been pretty consistent with The Thymes. There’s usually a new song to work on at every practice. We’ve already made plans for a new album.

Where and with whom did you record?
We recorded the EP ourselves in bits and pieces. The majority of the mixing and production work was done by our drummer Ryan Taylor, who incidentally wrote and produced all those lovely Sonny Tripp albums. We’re all audiophiles to some degree, which is nice because everybody in the band understands recording the process.

So how can people get their hands on the EP?
We highly encourage people to buy one at the release show, but you’ll be able to download the EP from iTunes and CDBaby. We’ll also be delivering the EP to Fred’s Records and HMV.

Drop by the Levee this Saturday (July 28th) to pick up your copy of The Thymes awesome new EP and to check out the band live along with Other People and Baytown.