“Track 8” by Counter Destroyer

‘Track 8’ by Counter Destroyer

Counter Destroyer are probably one of the weirder local bands you’ve ever heard — but they’re also a lot of fun. The group started recording albums for the first local RPM Challenge in 2008 and went on to produce albums for three more consecutive RPMs, up to 2011. Although they were absent from the 2012 list of submissions they are already thinking ahead to this coming February. I recently spoke to drummer Jarad Drover about the band’s history and future.

How did Counter Destroyer come to be?
It started with us just sitting in my friends basement reading The Scope. We didn’t even have a band, we just threw something together and since then we have been a strictly RPM band

Who or what would you cite as influences?
Musical inspiration, we all have our own, a lot of mine as the drummer comes from years of listening to prog rock and metal, a lot of Muse and Lamb of God. I know the other bys listen to Melt Banana and all that weird creepy shit, so, expect a lot of noise.

What do you guys have in mind for Counter Destroyer’s RPM 2013 album?
This time around I assume will be no different from every other year, jam-space wise it’ll be in my house wherever the drums land, and it’ll be our regular set up: drums, guitar, bass, vocals, maybe a keyboard or saxophone to spice it up. Though, we might have a few things up our collective sleeve, so, hold on to your butts. Concept wise, we go in unprepared, hard and dry, like a terrible lover. I’m sure come recording time, everything will fall in to place… always does and always will.

Any words of encouragement for people on the fence about taking the challenge this year?
I like to think that Counter Destroyer is a glimmer of hope for people who think they can’t make the deadline. Trust me, if we can do it, anyone can. I look forward to hearing from RPM veterans and even more to those who are only cutting their teeth at it.

Today’s track is from Counter Destroyer’s 2011 RPM album, Temporal Phantoms