Tony Benn’s new album travels onto a lonesome road

Tony Benn
Irish ex-patriot and current local singer-songwriter Tony Benn’s new album travels onto a lonesome road with a simple directness and a strong and sorrowful voice. Most of the album is stripped down to just guitar and vocals, with occasional band arrangements and female vocal choruses punctuating it at times. The album keeps a sparse and quiet tone throughout, with Tony’s voice evoking a steady but sad, contemplative quality that draws comparisons to Damien Rice or John Martyn. On songs like “Her Hair Came Down” and “Walk with you” he let’s it soar to devastating and beautiful effect. The lyrics are direct and unpretentious, but are lacking a little in depth and originality. The simple sentiments in songs like “Please don’t say goodbye” don’t offer any new insights we haven’t heard many times before, but this is a small qualm in an album as perfectly suited for cloudy Sunday listening as this.

Patrick Canning