The Satans

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Trying to describe a band’s sound can be like opening a can of worms.

People tend to resort to the usual genre categories, which these days tends to be more about knowing which shelf to put the record on in the store than accuracy. According to Zappa (or was it Costello?) writing about music can be likened to “dancing about architecture.”

That said, frontman Chapel Ruin describes The Satans as a dark, harmony of horror punk, surf rock, and rockabilly.

“A couple terms have come close,” he says. “Surf metal works a lot of the time, though I prefer “Horror-Surfabilly”. People often call us Psychobilly.”

“Those people just don’t know how to appreciate being grossly overspecific in naming genre,” he says. “They need to figure out that overspecificity is the uncle of understanding!”

The Satans are a newer band, having formed just over a year ago, but seeing them live would suggest otherwise. Their character-driven live shows seem vaguely reminiscent of early-80s punk bands The Damned and The Misfits, complete with makeup, costumes, and hilariously wicked banter.

Few bands can pull off the on-stage blasphemy like these guys can. And in full regalia, this band is pretty damned scary too.

Last Halloween they released a self-titled four-song demo, recorded in one day. With songs like “Jesus Crust”, and “Cry Havoc”, it gave fans just a glimpse of what this band is capable of.

This Hallowe’en will see the much-anticipated release of their first full-length album, which promises to be an exciting show.

You may want to bring an umbrella.

“We are the fragmented essence of the pure substance of evil,” says Chapel. “And we’re rock and roll as fuck.”

The Satans are Chapel Ruin (Christopher Greene, vocals), Christian deMise (Patrick Neary, guitar), Gabriel Slayn (Gene Browne, guitar), Jesus Crust (Steve Dillon, bass), and Bear Bear (Dave Zegarac, drums). AP


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13 July 2012

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