The one still travelled by

Connecticut hardcore band Signs of Hope

St. John’s may be past its infamous three-hundred kid DIY all-ages ragers at the Riverdale Tennis Club days, but underground hardcore bands—the ones who play fast and loud and claim straight edge—are still making the enormous trek to play our local little venues. Like Connecticut’s Signs of Hope, for example.

“If I don’t get stuck in a big snowstorm I’m gonna be very upset. I want that van buried!”

“We’ll play anywhere regardless of conditions. We toured Central America on public transportation once and just bussed into cities and waited around for someone to come pick us up and drive us to the venue,” says Paul the vocalist.

When asked if he realized how long it would take to get here, Paul answered, “I don’t know. Haven’t looked up the drive yet, but I’ve done 14-hour drives on tour before. If this drive is longer than that I will be impressed! Bring it on!”

I suspect Signs of Hope will be impressed by our vastness by the time they hit the stage at Distortion on December 12. Joining them for the all-ages at 3pm is Over the Top, Weapon, Dawn Awakening, Frontier, and King Sized Kids. At 10pm, they’ll perform alongside At Both Ends, Over the Top, Dig Up the Dead, and Once Loved.

—Juls Mack