“The Grand Finale” by St. Andrews Elementary School with Chris Driedzic

“The Grand Finale” St. Andrews Elementary School with Chris Driedzic
Every year The Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council brings artists and musicians into local schools to help students learn through the arts. This past February the results of an Art Smarts collaboration between local music-man Chris Driedzic and students at St. Andrews Elementary School produced some amazing results.

Driedzic helped students learn about recycling and invention. First he instructed students in how to create unusual, original instruments form everyday items, inspiring them with the work of artists like The Blue Man Group. Students then collected unwanted household trash and, with Chris’ help, fashioned it into unique instruments. One student made a thumb piano using a metal container, a wooden stick and bobby pins, while another made a very cool-sounding wind instrument using a peanut butter jar and a hose.

After each student had developed their own unique instrument and figured out how to play it, they set about composing their own original musical scores, writing them out and then performing them in front of the class and eventually the whole school community at a grand concert finale. Today’s track is the closing piece from that concert, which features all the instruments created playing together.

The recorded results of this project were submitted under the clever title “That’s A Pile of Garbage” as part of the 2012 RPM Challenge. Congratulations Chris and St. Andrews Elementary on one of the most creative Art Smarts projects and RPM albums I’ve heard. Harry Partch would be proud.


Jackie Bowne

Occupation: 4th year Kinesiology student at MUN

13 September 2007

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    This is the best name for anything, ever.