The Dardanelles weave a dense tapestry

The Dardanelles
The Dardanelles’ debut self titled album is an taut, dynamic and energetic mix of various strings, squeeze boxes and worldly influences. The five piece folk combo effortlessly weaves a dense tapestry of swirling reels and dervishes without ever letting up on the whirlwind pace. The production is crisp and lush, but never overdone and thankfully stripped of any tacky studio trickery and affectations, leaving just the raw textures of the instruments and the expert hands guiding them. I’m gonna avoid any talk of “authenticity” or adhering to traditions because, frankly, I’m the farthest thing you get from an expert on Newfoundland trad music. All I can say is that, to me, this album reveals a depth of interplay and a relentless energy that can only be experienced at the rarest of kitchen parties, and even when mixing in the more exotic material the songs flow naturally and sweet.

Patrick Canning