“The Art of Deception” by Johnny Am I Good

Today’s track “The Art of Deception” by Johnny Am I Good is another choice cut from the recently released Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire: A Compilation For Gene and Robyn. The album was put together and released just this week as a fundraiser for the benefit of local musician Gene Brown and his partner Robyn Newhook who lost their house to tragic fire this past Sunday.

Johnny Am I Good have been together since 2011 and consists of Erin Simms (vocals/guitar), Stephen Hammond (lead guitar), Danny Hayward (bass) and Paul Brace (drums). They are currently working on their debut EP and gigging regularly.

Johnny Am I Good is just the incredible bands lined up to play a benefit show for Gene and Robyn this Saturday (Oct 20th) at The Ship along with The Elizabeatans, Man The Animal, East of Empire and Pathological Lovers. Another benefit show will be held for the couple at The Rock House the same night featuring The Rising Design, The Navigators, Lunge, RUST (Neil Young Tribute) and DC3 (Hendrix Tribute). Drop by and show your support.



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5 June 2008

  1. Chad P. · June 5, 2008

    Nice one!