The Angelshakes

“We’re a bit of a mess, as you can see.”

Patrick Brennan is talking about his dynamically-membered band, The Angelshakes, who first began assembling last September. The mess he’s referring to is strictly below the surface.

Above ground, things aren’t looking to shabby. They’ve already got a beautifully recorded and produced EP, called Fifty Thousand Gannets Can’t Be Wrong, which was aided and abetted by Spencer Crewe, who does sound engineering for Great Big Sea and the Ethnomusicology department at MUN, where they all study.

The mess is in the ever-changing band roster. “Originally it was myself, Erin Sharpe, Alison Corbett, Tim Yearman and Michelle Swab. We lost Tim, the bass player, and Patrick Canning stepped in to take over for him,” says Brennan, who arrived in St. John’s last year hellbent on starting a band. “Recently, though, we’ve now lost Alison and Erin, but hopefully they’ll be back soon.”

Hopefully, indeed. A diverse line-up like that makes for some endearingly quirky compositions.”Michelle is a classically trained pianist, a wonderful pianist, and we’ve got her playing this fifteen dollar glockenspiel that I found in the Buy and Sell. Alison is sort of half trad, half classical and we’ve got her playing this little drumkit for a ten year old. Patrick’s got Supergod! and I come from a sport of folk pop background…so we all bring different things to the table and it comes out as something kind of unique.”

It’s hard to really pin down what all of that coalesces into. “People think that we might be traditional because we’re all Ethnomusicologists but we’re not. I’ve been saying indie folk pop, but “indie” is one of those buzz words that’s falling out of fashion and I want to be up to date,” he laughs. “I think the sound is bound to change a little bit this year. It’s a very fluid thing.”



Andreae Prozesky, eater of squash.   Squash is a marker of time. Every September, grocery-store bins fill up with beautiful dark green and orange and creamy yellow-brown hard-shelled vegetables. Tumbling over one another, they mirror the changing colours of the landscape and bring about thoughts of a plentiful harvest.    But does anyone actually eat them?

19 October 2006

  1. Patrick Canning · October 19, 2006

    “Fifty thousand ganets” was Brennans last ep the new EP is called “Top floor ward in the sky”
    Just so you know.

  2. michael · October 19, 2006

    The Angelshakes sound like a great band! I joined their friends list on Myspace. Thank you for pointing them out!

  3. Vilija · October 19, 2006

    Is this Patrick Brennan the same Patrick Brennan I went to school with? Grade 3-5 , Fredericton, New Brunswick. Is that you Pat?

  4. Cupcakes · October 19, 2006

    Sadly, Patrick Brennan left the fair city of St. John’s earlier this spring. I do believe, however, that he is the very same Pat Brennan that you seek. He can be reached by leaving a message through the band’s myspace page.