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“If my last name was Goudie, I’d be on NTV / If I lived in a gazebo, I’d be a sheltered G / If I had a big ego, I’d be Great Big Sea / And if I lied to the people I’d be ODC.”

That’s the chorus of local rapper Johnny Hardcore’s latest track, “No Vaseline 2010”, released a few weeks ago. It’s a diss track aimed at local media, the general public, and at a particular rap promotion company.

ODC were the promoters behind a show earlier this year where international rap star Nas failed to show, claiming he wasn’t paid in full. ODC, in turn, claim they were short-changed by another entertainment company, which was dealing directly with the rapper.

The show left both ticket holders and ODC empty-handed—out of money and out of luck.

Hardcore—also known as John Young—has says he decided to make the track after he created the Facebook group “I want my money back from ODC productions”, where he argued that since ODC’s name was on the ticket, they should be the ones to refund money to people who paid to see Nas.

After creating the group Young says he was verbally attacked—people called him washed up and in a rut—and the twice ECMA-nominated rapper didn’t take kindly to it.

“[This track] is obviously a taunt on my part. If I’m so ‘untalented’ then get someone who’s a better rapper than me from Newfoundland to respond back,” says Young. “We can have a war of words and let the people decide who won or if I am washed up.”

While attention for the local scene is growing slowly, says Young, it’s too slow for many of the performers in town who are frustrated by low show turnouts and lack of media attention to non-parody rap acts. He says fans also feel put out by the recent string of cancelled or delayed shows by international rap stars.

“The hip hop scene here is stale,” says Young. “The guys who bring in out of town shows don’t care about local hip hop. There are very few DJs who even know how to scratch. The breakdancers, rappers, and DJs don’t communicate, and a lot of mediocre talents are getting their egos stroked.”

Young’s track, called “No Vaseline 2010”, was inspired by the diss track made by controversial rapper Ice Cube in 1991 “No Vaseline” which had a similarly angry and broad target.

Will there be a response? Stay tuned…

You can hear the track on Young’s myspace page at www.myspace.com/therealjohnnyhardcore


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13 March 2008

  1. Lo-fi · March 13, 2008

    John is the man when it comes to local rap. It sucks that a guys with real talent is overlooked while Donny Dunphy and other Weird Al style emcees get exposure.

  2. Johnny Hardcore · March 13, 2008

    Hey thanks agian for the interview…I was told that the link for my Myspace wasn’t working so i’m just gonna post it up….http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=140586762

  3. RIZZY · March 13, 2008

    scenes definatly not stale here now..last 2 hip hop shows i been at had over 100 people..with much rising talent. nobodys dissapointed with show turnouts anymore. shits bangin

  4. hotbox · March 13, 2008

    The history of hip-hop battle tracks goes back 3 decades. So has claiming to be the king of the city; rappers have traditionally been territorial. In hip-hop, local or mainstream, very few respect the architects. Hockey fans young and old look up to Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, etc, but the hip-hop fans generally dismiss the innovators as washed-up old timers. It’s a rap problem specifically because today’s hip-hop music is so current, immediate, and disposable.

    There are a lot of shots fired in different directions on this song; it will be interesting to see if anyone responds back. As long as it’s kept on wax (digital mp3) I say bring it on.


  5. Johnny Hardcore · March 13, 2008

    Yeah as long as its kept on Wax let’s do it…whoever wants some …If you tell your boys your the best all the time nows the chance to prove it and get your name in The Scope.

    You should also check with someone who isn’t your friend and see if you have a half way decent rap voice…if you sound like a 13 year old boy I may pull a Jay-Z and not respond…all i’m saying is bring somthing thats on my level…And I’m not meeting cats to fight and shit like that haha…it’s only rap…so don’t catch too many feelings when I respond.

    John Young a.k.a Johnny Hardcore


  6. Johnny Hardcore · March 13, 2008

    I’ve got to get you guys an updated, non skinny picture of me as well..lol.

  7. The One Russtafari · March 13, 2008

    Yes!!! This is some Freddie Foxxx Industry Shakedown type ish.

    iam with you hardcore
    i am not there at the moment, but ive been there long enough to know how shit goes down in SJ, but i guess saying anything about people that think they are promoters will label me washed up too!
    i feel like us old school cats were paving the road leading to a cliff!
    someone should take legal action.

  8. facelessghostwriter · March 13, 2008

    I agree, If any up and coming rapper in this city thinks that they will make it like GBS or Hey Rosetta without leaving the prov,are going to be disappointed .I seen in “The Hardcore opinion”(facebook group stated by johnny Hardcore himself) Local promoter Jason winsor( names anyone) Claims he is Getting up to 150 fans at his shows.Yawns,coughs ..bs maybe he means every show in total??.Ive been to theses shows and its a flat-line lie__________”You’re only fooling yours self if you think you got away with It” . One more thing, weren’t you involved with the whole cappadonna show Mr Windsor! That show that never happened! Becarefull ppl with guys like him And OCD The proof is in the pudding

    Just remember its not that you are not good enough to make it here, but we lack so much needed

    Its me..bite me

  9. Chris M · March 13, 2008

    Facelessghostwriter obviously wasn’t at the Spesh K show (October),it had almost 200 people.He obviously wasn’t at Cryogenics (September), held the same night as Snoop Dogg, it had 200 people and he could not have been at the Antics, 9th Atom and LIVE N’ Direct show (July) it had 150 people and what about the Killa Clown show (JUne)?That had 120 people and was done on 4 days notice!If attendance is so low as Facelessghostwriter says, Why are guys like Spesh K, Croyogenics, Shiest, Jordan Croucher and Choclair working with him?

  10. facelessghostwriter · March 13, 2008

    Um..Yeah that’s cool and all! mayb i was hard on the cute little fellow.BUT! READ before you leave you verbal seed…the initial claim was about local up and coming rappers.. QUOTE ” I disagree with it.The scene is growing and developing.The scene has youth and the younger guys have skill.St.Johns is catching the eye of mainland Canada”=Jason Winsor /hardcore opinion . Not talking about rappers who ain’t even from here and who have partial underground cred , Sure they can make 700 bucks at a local bar..As for all the catz that are working with him…I’m not even talking about them , i’m talking about the fans who may buy tickets for a BIG show that he might TRY and get..Just be careful that’s all, Until He has notches under his belt don’t be throwing your money his way .People all ready found out the hard way . Would love to see Winsor prove me wrong.

    How do they think they will make it here when people like ra the rugged man from new york , countless more are still struggling with it..FFS LEGEND Snoop Dogg never even sold out his show here lol

    Its ok as a past time;)


    Its me..Bite me

  11. Chris M · March 13, 2008

    Facelessghostwriter the bottom line is Winsor works endlessly to promote the local Hip Hop scene.Every time he brings in an act he has local artists, dj’s and graphic designers involved.In regards to Cappadonn you seem to be forgetting Ray Dyer (Radar) and Renee Spurell’s role as equal partners in that event.From what I hear ticket holders have gotten their money back and the ones who havent will be.So why wouldn’t I buy a ticket?Either way I support him and all the cats involved in the local scene and hope it succeeds.

  12. Spard ain't scarred · March 13, 2008

    Okay, up until about 6 months ago i didn’t even know Newfoundland HAD a hip hop scene. I might only be 18 and not bar hopping every weekend, but i think that speaks wonders for the scene and the lack of promotion and hype. However, the fact that the past six months I’ve seen my friends find out about the scene also means it’s growing in popular now.
    Too bad my friends are all my age (or younger like i was 6 months ago) and have issues with getting into bars at 1am.

    The only reason i even found out about the hip hop scene is because of Jason Winsor. Thanks to things like facebook people now add and invite anyone and everyone. So that helps for the awareness, but that ain’t gon’ help with audience. The spark, the fire, is missing. It’s newfoundland. This is where i insert Hardcore’s line.

    “If my last name was Goudie, I’d be on NTV / If I lived in a gazebo, I’d be a sheltered G / If I had a big ego, I’d be Great Big Sea / And if I lied to the people I’d be ODC.”

    The difference between hardcore and all these people isn’t just style, it’s HYPE. HYYYYYPE. Hype is the reason they’re the ones people see on NTV. Hype is the reason people are talking about ODC today instead of Hardcore’s talent.

    Oh yeah, again. This is newfoundland. People only care about the drama. Show go-ers are in it for the scene not the music.

    I also think A promoter should be like a record label. You should only promote one style. “Local” is not a style. When’s the last time bad boy records put out an acoustic album? Hip hop label. Hip hop promoter. What are you? Find a niche. Roll with it. Energy has got to be focused in order to establish that hype.

    All that being said, i have never been to a hip hop show. I have never heard hardcore live. But i’m damn hyped talking about this, and i’m damn excited to listen to hardcore’s track.


  13. facelessghostwriter · March 13, 2008

    Your probably right, ..I just hate ppl lying to fill that emptiness and to fool oneself . Seems like once again your missing the point completely! He lied and i let him have it. OK !! This is about local rappers getting up to 150 ppl at their shows! Making in the big world of rap.

    He probably works hard .no doubt ! And yes I probably took it too far by calling him out. But who is he fooling .You and himself? Good luck Winsor, no hard feelings . But keep it real. Your word is the only thing a man has!

    Why did u concentrate So much from the actual point Chris M?

    Make ya wonder!

    Its me..Bite me

  14. Chris M · March 13, 2008

    Heres Winsor’s exact quote ‘disagree with it.The scene is growing and developing.The scene has youth and the younger guys have skill.St.Johns is catching the eye of mainland canada and is a city of choice for many mc’s.The last 3 shows have had full venues (150+) and in the next 2wks there are some fun events happening, So drop out to a show and judge for your self.’

    I don’t see him saying anything about local only shows getting 150 people per event.And if you have been to his last 5 events 4 have had Toronto amd Halifax Mc’s.The only show that didn’t have 150 plus was a show in August with local mc’s and that had 100.

    It would be interesting to see the scope interview Winsor and get his reaction to all these comment seeing as the article and what he said on facebook are unrelated.Isn’t this article about Hardcore, Nas and ODC?

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