Sounds of Summer

Last winter ten acts were in the running for the annual Atlantis Music Prize, a critic’s prize organized by The Scope for the best Newfoundland and Labrador album. (In the end, folk group All The Wiles took home top honours with their album Painted.)

We asked all ten of last year’s shortlisted bands and artists to share their favourite summer albums.

Recommended by All The Wiles

Sherry Ryan

Sister of Mine

“Sister of Mine might have been released in the winter, but the album begs for a road trip, long hot days, and hours gazing out of a car window. It might be the only album you’ll need with you. It’s music for singing along to and for saying nothing at all to. You can love it for its vocal and lyrical purchase or simply ponder the musical landscape throughout. Buy it at Fred’s. Put it on repeat.” — Katie Baggs


Recommended by Andrew O’Brien & The Searchers

Ryan Adams

Ashes and Fire

“It’s been out for some time and has been my current favourite since its release. I’m a big fan of his rootsy, alt country stuff and I think this record is a great example of that. I like the sparseness of the arrangements, the natural, acoustic production, and the lyrics are strong and poignant. He is definitely one of my favourite artists and I think he hit it out of the park on this record.” — Andrew O’Brien


Recommended by The Burning Hell


Low Blow

“We had a band meeting over dinner at Spätzle Express about summer album recommendations, and our bass player Nick Ferrio made some strong arguments for Neil Young’s album Trans, filled as it is with vocoders and poor drumming and the sound of the future circa 1982. However, Ariel is vouching for NYC rock duo Schwervon’s second-last album Low Blow, which is filled with incredible songs. Neither album is about the summer, but both go very well with slow drives on hot days.” — Mathias Kom


Recommended by Casual Male

Thee Oh Sees


“These guys are a San Fransisco psychedelic garage-punk-type outfit (which just seems summery to me anyway). The main guy, John Dwyer, lived and recorded in a communal house in Haight-Ashbury for a while. On this record he sings like a cross between Captain Beefheart and Animal from the Muppets. This album is chock-full of super-catchy 60s bubblegum choruses, tambourine, fuzz guitar and hazy mellotron, but there’s a playful, sinister vibe going on in the background. There’s this sort of death and back-to-the-earth theme to the record, but it’s celebratory, not morbid.” — Victor Lewis


Recommended by Hey Rosetta!

John Lennox

Into the Bull’s Shoulder

“This album never seems to fade for me. We listened to this driving through Joshua Tree National Park the other day as the sun was setting and we nearly floated up over the Mesas and into the sky. Not that it’s big or ostentatious. It’s very unassuming and shrugging and perfect. Like Neil Young with better lyrics. Yeah. I said it.” — Tim Baker



Recommended by John Cossar

Jann Arden

Living Under June

“I can’t say that I have been listening to anything much these days, mainly because writing, recording, and touring have pretty much consumed me and my time. But having said that, one of my favourite CDs of all time is Jann Arden’s Living Under June. I love everything about it. I listen to it often and never seem to tire of it, and it always inspires me to write, and write better.” — John Cossar


Recommended by Mark Bragg & The Butchers

Thee Internet

Identity Crisis

“I love doing the ‘Karate Chop’ while washing dishes while the summer sun comes in through my kitchen window. …My favourite summer song is an untitled song by Bryan Power of Pilot to Bombardier. It’s unreleased as of now, but I’ve still declared it song of the summer. He’s singing about summer in the choruses and it makes me want to raise a summer glass and give a great big summer cheers. Love that summer.” — Mark Bragg


Recommended by Monsterbator

Cadence Weapon

Afterparty Babies

“As soon as the sun starts to shine, like most everyone else the music I listen to starts to get a little more upbeat. Lately I can’t stop listening to Cadence Weapon’s Afterparty Babies. It’s dancy, groovy, different, and just awesome.” — Devon Milley



Recommended by Repartee

Beach House


“Each of us have different musical preferences, so when we’re all listening to the same thing it’s pretty neat. This album is one we’ve been collectively listening to a lot lately. When we were on tour in the spring, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the Maritimes, we had the album’s first single on repeat. Musically (although not necessarily lyrically) speaking, it reminds me of a warm, sunny, optimistic day. Some nice.” — Meg Warren


Recommended by The Once

Arcade Fire

The Suburbs

“It seems like we are passing through every suburb there is to get to another gig. This album helps us feel right at home. And then too far from home.” ­— Geraldine Hollett





What’s your favourite summer album?


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28 March 2007

  1. damian · March 28, 2007

    “Trans” is not too shabby – I’ve always been more partial to “Landing On Water”

  2. damian · March 28, 2007

    So far this summer I’ve been quite taken with Richard Thompson’s “Mirror Blue”

  3. kevin · March 28, 2007

    the summer I got that album I listened to Beeswing obsessively. nice recommend.