“Song For Amateur Rappers” by Mathias Kom

“Song For Amateur Rappers” by Mathias Kom
Despite the incredible fashion sense displayed in the picture above, this is not today’s StitchUp. It’s the final Track of the Day for rap week, brought to us by Mr. Mathias Kom. Although Mathias is usually found klezmer-rocking with his incredible band The Burning Hell, he has been known to occasionally rock the mic with his hidden rap skills, usually with his cover band The Wobbly Pops. This past February Mathias recorded his first solo album Mathias Kom Sings Songs for the People as part of the RPM Challenge. The record opens with today’s track, a clever and catchy song entitled “Song For Amateur Rappers”. Although it’s not really a hip hop song per se, it does feature some very smooth rap-like singing scattered throughout. As you can tell from listening to the song Mathias’s rhymes are as sharp and as his fashion sense.

You can catch Mathias Kom solo live on September 29th at Cochrane Street United Church where he will be opening for Great Lake Swimmers. Fresh off the heels of The Burning Hell’s summer long European tour, Mathias will no doubt be in top form. Who knows, maybe he’ll even break out a few song’s from his solo RPM album. Check out the rest of Mathias Kom Sings Songs For the People at the link below.



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2 June 2011

  1. Darrell Edwards · June 2, 2011

    “if was a cult leader, my cult would be wicked – we’d find a jam to kick out and then we’d just kick it”

    best – line – of life!

  2. Michelle · June 2, 2011

    For a second there I was really hoping this was the StitchUp pictorial of the week!