“Slovenia Breeze” by Steve Poltz

Although best known for penning the Jewel hit “You Were Meant For Me”, Steve Poltz has nine solo albums worth of diverse, original music that may not be as instantly recognizable but are even more instantly engaging. A Nova Scotian by birth, Poltz spent most of his childhood in California later reconnecting with his east coast roots and recording an album with Joel Plaskett, entitled Dreamhouse (2010). Poltz is also a bit of a world traveler with a penchant for recording in exotic locales. His latest album was recorded in Australia and is jokingly entitled Noineen Noiny Noin after an Australian “1999”, the year he first went down under.

Steve Poltz is known for his intense live performances, and X front-man John Doe once said “my idea of hell would be having Steve Poltz open for me every day. There‚Äôs no place left for the audience to go.” High praise, considering X was one of the most energetic, ground breaking punk bands of all time. Drop by The Ship on Sunday night (Aug 12th) and see what John Doe is talking about for yourself.