“Slave To This Song” by Blueyears

I was originally introduced to lead singer-songwriter Gavin’s music last year after becoming a fan of his folk rock band Cold River Choir, and now he’s back with a new band.

Blueyears consists of Jeff Foran (Drums), Dave Bridger (Bass), Gavin Simms (Guitar, Vocals), Ilia Nicholl (Viola).

“We started out in the winter,” says Gavin when asked about the origins of Blueyears. “I was looking to start something that didn’t require electricity, partly to save on the electricity bill, but mainly to just make quieter music than I’ve done before. Writing and rehearsing everything acoustically has been a blast, and makes it that much more fun to plug in for shows.”

Today’s track “Slave To This Song” was recorded with Krisjan Leslie this past June. The sound follows very closely in footsteps of Cold River Choir with some subtler, more refined qualities such as Ilia’s beautiful violin lines weaving and dancing around the the delicately brushed back-beat and gently picked acoustic guitar. According to Gavin there’s plenty more where this gem came from. “We plan to record a handful more with Krisjan in August and call it an album,” he says.

Blueyears are playing an early show tonight at The Grapevine with Pete Mills (The Goodbyes, Proud Isabella) kicking things off at 9:00 PM. Hopefully Gavin’s dreams of dancing in the street will be fulfilled if the weather stays fine.