“Scumshifter” by Nightwitch

Let’s try a little word association exercise.

What comes to your mind when I say “Fogo Island music scene”? Perhaps you’re imagining the ring of accordions echoing across the cliffs at Brimstone Head. That’s what I would have pictured before I heard Nightwitch. This heavy, alt-rock trio from Tilting, Fogo Island formed in 2011 and have since relocated into St.John’s. The group consists of Rob Burke (vocals/guitar), Andrew Broders (bass) and a mysterious drummer known only as 2k.

Last month Nightwitch released it’s debut EP from which today’s mammoth sounding track “Scumshifter” comes to us. Although this particular tune calls to mind a mix of nu-metal pioneers such as Rage Against The Machine, Tool and Non-Point, a host of other influences begin to surface after listening to the rest of the EP. Check it out for yourself on the band’s YouTube channel or pick up a copy at Fred’s Records.