“Screaming at the Sun” by Temples

Temples started out as an RPM collaboration between Richard Seypka and Jon Fitzgerald this past February, but since then the duo has drafted Paul Brace, George Newman and Nick Coultas-Clarke and become a full fledged live band. They’ve also re-imagined and re-recorded their excellent RPM 2012 album Passing and released it on Bandcamp for fans to download at any price they wish. They’ve played two live shows this summer and are gearing up for a third this Saturday (August 4th) at The Ship. This Saturday’s show is a fundraiser to help the band produce a physical album of their music which they will be able to distribute.

If you have not listened to Temples’ Passing yet, you need to. The album is a perfect blend of progressive compositions, ambience, power and emotion. Vocalist Richard Seypka’s full-bodied vocals permeate the band’s music bringing an energy and instant relatability that the RPM demo lacked. Songs like “Measurement In Days” and “Starlit Practice” have a certain Radiohead-esque quality combining prominent electronic elements with an organic delivery. Other tracks like “Temples” and “Screaming at the Sun” beautifully fuse acoustic instrumentation with layers of polyphonic rhythm that recall the sounds of Eastern or African music. “3 Ghosts” hints at further world music influences with its unique guitar inflections and non-conventional chord changes.

In a city overflowing with musical talent and originality, Temples have their own distinct sound and are poised for great things. Check out and help support this incredible new up and coming band this Saturday (Aug 4th) at The Ship with Man The Animal and Johnny am I Good. Also, download and enjoy Temples phenomenal album Passing at the link below.



“Turn to Dust” by Novice Drivers

New band with a new EP.

13 January 2012

  1. Amanda · January 13, 2012


  2. Marg · January 13, 2012

    Excellent music and such great talent!

  3. Eelanus · January 13, 2012

    Saw these guys at the Ship last weekend – Great show!