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We’re only a few weeks in, and more than 150 local bands have signed up to record an entire album in one month for this year’s RPM challenge.

We have almost no idea what’s going on inside those 150 makeshift basement, bedroom, and/or kitchen recording studios. We’re left with only a handful of clues about what they’re up to.

No worries! Sarah Smellie has all the information to make sense of it all. Maybe.

Band Covering The Most Ground (literally)
Crystal City Printing Press

They’re a group of actors on a tour across rural Manitoba who are also recording an RPM album. You can follow their progress on the road here ( and on their album here (


Covering The Most Ground (figuratively)
de Zen Jenga and the Melting Pot Orkestar

So they’re a band of gypsies playing neo-indie power pop and “hope-filled, uplifting, big band fun.” Luckily there are eight of them. And make-up. And costumes. And fire spinning.


Most Non-Musical Entrant
Shawn Walsh’s Mustache

This stand-up comedy troupe—and devotees to some dude’s hairy upper lip—are making an album in hopes of earning themselves unlimited glory and “tens of ones of dollars.”


Most Provocative Band Name
Sluts on Sluts

This is Mr. Matthew B’s second year slutting up the challenge with his noise/drums/noise combo. Does that make this Sluts on Sluts on Sluts on Sluts? Hm.


Best Band Name That Is Also A True Statement
Teenagers Don’t Wear Jackets

It’s true—and these two guitarists may sing you a tune if they can muster up the confidence.


Best Band Name That is Also An Interesting Collective Noun
Parliament of Owls

In addition to his solo entry, contender for St. John’s sweetest bike mechanic Jake Nicoll has collected a few soundscape-making friends to “make a record that will enable more people to have new, unique experiences.” The group promises not to prorogue anytime soon.


Most Glammy/Metal Sounding Name
Wizzards of Kaos

These Wizzards are bringin’ their doom ambience all the way from Portugal Cove-St. Philips, and not even conventional spelling is safe! Featuring Ritche Perez, who you my remember from RPM 2008’s Ohio Scream.

The Wizzards also pick up a nod in the Most Gratuitous Use of The Letter “Z” category, along with the group Cougarz in Legwarmerz.


Punniest Name
Missed Her and The Misses

“Listening and growing” is the only information provided on this band’s page. Guess they’re a missed her eee.

Runner Up: The Uke of Duckworth, aka Jordan Young. He also happens to give ukulele lessons, so maybe uke-an play too.


Band Name Which Most Aptly Sums Up This Year’s RPM Challenge
Mythical Man-Month

By a casual, unscientific scan of the list, about a third of all of this year’s entrants are solo man acts. A third! What’s with that?

Runner Up(s): heart to mouth (Aww), Options (You got ‘em!), SUPERGOD! (You’ll feel like one when you’re done) Ubiquitous Gazelle (Augh! They’re everywhere!)


Best Evidence of Procrastination from Last Year’s RPM Challenge
The Ultramammoth logo

It is pretty sweet.

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