For a lot of musicians, a deadline is one of the only things standing between them and their music. Ask, and ye shall receive!

“I had been desperately trying to write some new stuff all year. This challenge gave me a tangible goal, and some much needed motivation.” Justin Guzzwell

“It was just the fire I needed under my complacent butt to re-test my songwriting skills. It wasn’t my typical way of creating music. Since nobody ever asked me for new songs, I was content to let inspiration come slap me up side of the head, not the other way around.” Barry O

”It feels like I just finished a 28 day game of Tetris, as if the blocks were chunks of recorded songs, and they were filling holes of self-doubt. I no longer feel crippling panic every minute of being awake.” Errand Boy

“I found it overall kinda fun, it gave a sort of sense of meaning to what I was doing, and I really liked the community it formed. People just sort of got together via this website and talked RPM and all these albums came out.” Dan Ficken

“I feel absolutely relieved. I think everyone (aside from maybe Jerry) had a hint of doubt in their minds about whether they were going to finish it and finish it well. With the completion of the task, a dark cloud of self doubt that followed me around for 28 days has taken a well needed hike out of my life for another 11 months.” Adam Baxter

“It’s definitely something everyone should try, whether you’re new at this, or a seasoned little songbird…I am not the latter, that’s for sure, but this experience has given me a lot more direction, and a sense of what I can do in a limited amount of time. I’m excited to see how everything evolves from here.” Jillian Slaney

“There was a ton of personal shit going on in Feb so I didn’t sink myself into the project as much as I wanted to. But what time I did get inspired me immensely. Satisfied. I’m my own worst critic, so I’ll never think its good enough, but I’m glad it’s complete with interesting and original material.” The Cause

“I’m a recording engineer/producer, so I’m recording and mixing almost everyday. I think the RPM challenge is a great way to experience what a real recording session might be like for those that aren’t that familiar. Having a quota of songs to write while fighting the clock to finish your project before the deadline gives the artist that sense of realism. The funny thing is, I found the RPM Challenge a way for me to enjoy the writing/recording/and mixing without the usual stresses associated with the recording industry such as budgets & meeting the expectations of the artists.” Richard Seypka

“There’s definitely a sense of accomplishment now that it is over. I’ve never been really good with deadlines, so I’m pleased with my self-discipline. The project has been tossed around the Maritime hip-hop community over the last few weeks and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.” Hotbox

”It forced me to write hastily and therefore not obsess over words. The constant changing and rearranging that sometimes comes with no-deadline writing can butcher a good lyric.” St. Brendan’s Champions

“I recorded my album in 3 days. It felt very liberating to record an album and not having to worry so much about quality.” Thom Coombes

“It started off slow but got easier as it went along. Quickness and spontaneity are key factors with all the SUPERGOD! albums (this is the fourth one), all of them took about a month to complete start to finish. So I knew what I had to do to finish it.” SUPERGOD!

“After playing all the instruments on my own, which was fun and a learning experience, I’m now ready to start a band: “WANTED for powerpop trio: rockin’ bass player with groove, rockin’ drummer with backbeat. Influences include Beatles, Ramones, Chuck Berry, Stooges, Radiohead, Blondie, Motown, and lots more.” The Connexions