“Queen of Poutine” by Owen Steel

This Saturday (August 11th) a great showcase of folk music will be taking place at The Rose & Thistle. Local songstress Joanna Barker is back, fresh off the heels of her recent tour, and has brought some friends with her. PEI’s Doug MacNearney and Owen Steel will share the stage with Joanna this Saturday at The Rose.

The author of today’s track, Owen Steel learned how to play guitar as a child trading eggs and other farm products with a local wood carver in exchange for lessons. Growing up, Owen would spend time at his father’s house in New Brunswick which was a bit of a refuge for musicians on the road such as Guy Davis, Ray Bonneville, Old Man Luedecke and Fred Eaglesmith. Observing these first-class musicians up close and personal as a kid provided Owen with a musical education that any aspiring singer-songwriter would covet.

“The songsters kept passing through town, and I think on a more subconscious level I was not only studying their music, but also their way of life,” says Owen regarding his time as his father’s house.

Owen’s own music reflects his rich musical upbringing with clear roots in folk, blues and vaudeville. Today’s track “Queen of Poutine” is just a sample of Owen’s diverse musical palette and quite apropos considering the recent opening (and subsequent ranting) about the new poutinerie downtown.

Check out Owen Steel with Joanna Barker and Doug MacNearney at The Rose & Thistle this Saturday (August 11th).