Q&A with The Nordic Beat

Elling Lien fires six random questions at local powerpop crew The Nordic Beat

1 Who is in your band and what do they do?

Our band is Luke Major (guitar, vocals), Lee Hanlon (guitar, backup vocals), Adam Hickey (vocals, bass), Duncan Major (bass, keys), and Alfern Christian Johansen (drums for The Nordic Beat). But we just call him Chris.

2 What colour is your music?

Our music is blue maybe, maybe not, I guess whatever colour you think it is. People seem to dance and get gross at our shows, so maybe it’s the colour of dancing feet. The colour of many people’s shoes dancing at the same time.

3 What is your band’s goal? Our bands goal at the moment, is to release our first EP, tour the Atlantic provinces, and come home and start the pre- production for a full-length. We plan to start recording a 15-16 song full length album over the winter followed by a Canadian tour next summer hopefully. As well, word has been spreading in South America and Russia so I’m hoping we explode onto the scene preferably in Sao Paulo, Brazil, if not in a remote rural town in Paraguay.

4 What would your band never do? One thing our band will never do? I’ll tell you what we will never do! Our band will never ever, ever be seen on the same stage as our St. John’s rivals, Texas Chainsaw. AC, we’re coming for you buddy! Banoub! Look out, ya heard!

5 What is one thing that St. John’s can’t do without? One thing St. John’s can’t do without is Sesame Snaps, they are ace!

6 If your band was an insect, what insect would it be and why? If our band was an Insect it would be a a Leafhopper which is it’s common name. it’s order name is Homoptera, and it’s in the family Cicadellidae. Basically we would be this guy/girl because it looks boss. I just looked through the encyclopedia of insects until I saw one I’d hang with. But if The Nordic Beat has to be something i think it would choose to be a Manatee.

Check out The Nordic Beat’s debut EP release show at The Ship this Saturday.