“Ol’Factory Song” by Trimmed Naval Beef

[wpaudio url=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11190797/trackoftheday/SEPT2012/06%20Ol%27%20Factory%20Song.mp3″ text=”‘Ol’Factory Song’ by Trimmed Naval Beef” dl=”0″]
Yesterday’s rap track by Elling got me thinking about other favorite local rap acts of mine. I’ve always been a fan of rap that strays from the norm so I got to thinking about St.John’s rap-rock, a topic which no thirty-something local music fan can ponder without calling to mind Trimmed Naval Beef. Yes, long before Hear/Say became the hottest rap-rock group in town, TNB dominated the genre. The group was composed of Reverend Cornbread (AKA local brass man Patrick Boyle), Professa Peebles (AKA Mark Neary of The Novaks) and Orthopeedick Dave (AKA Steve Murphy). During their time together circa the late 90’s early 00’s, Trimmed Naval Beef rocked many a stage downtown and released their one and only album Gold Star in 2001. The band was a force to reckoned with live: leaping, bounding, screaming and scratching their way into the hearts of the audience. Today’s track “Ol’Factory Song” is a great example of the group’s full-on sound with all hands taking a turn rockin’ the mic. If Pat, Mark or Steve are reading this, a reunion show is long overdue lads.



Coco Cupcakes?

It looks like there’s going to be a coco cupcakes opening up on Torbay Rd. Can anyone tell me anything else about it? I tried to look up some info but couldn’t find anything… Obviously they sell cupcakes, but I want to know more!

13 March 2012

  1. CARLMOORES · March 13, 2012

    remember when local music was awesome? Neither do I. Damn you Xanax!

  2. test gscraper · March 13, 2012

    whole of the UK but of course most of our work is in London .

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