“Oh Me Oh My” by Erin Costelo

This Sunday (Oct 28th) Halifax soul singer Erin Costelo will be in town for a special show at The Ship with local funk soul brother Chris Kirby.

Costelo’s latest album We Can Get Over, released just this month, comes as close to that classic Stax/Motown sound of the 50s and 60s as I’ve heard from a record not actually of that era. Today’s track, album opener “Oh Me Oh My,” is a perfect example with Costelo’s voice soaring over the subdued piano and drums in the verses and the laid back horns and backing vocals setting up the groove in the chorus. Inspired by vintage groups like The Dells, The Exciters and The Impressions, Erin set out to make an album that straddled the line between studio perfection and the raw intensity of a live performance.

“When recording the album, I had to balance my desire for perfection and wanting it to be real. And being real always won out,” says Erin.

We Can Get Over is one of those timeless records that will garner more appreciation with repeated listens. Songs such as “Down, Down” and “Give A Little” reveal gospel influences and allow a time for some introspection while romps like “Count to 10” and “Let It Go” entertain the desire to forget your cares and just dance. There are also some beautiful Nina Simone-esque piano ballads such as “Hold Me” and the stunning “We Can Get Over” which closes the album on a bittersweet note. Costelo is one of the freshest and most powerful new voices in soul music and has an appeal that will be realized far beyond Eastern Canada. Move over Sharon Jones, there’s a new kid in town.

Check out Costelo live at The Ship this Sunday (Oct 29th) with Music NL award winning “Male Artist of The Year” and “Songwriter of the Year”, Chris Kirby.