“New Wild Everywhere” by Great Lake Swimmers

Mightypop are bringing another first class act to St.John’s. This Saturday, September 29th, Great Lake Swimmers will take the stage at Cochrane Street United Church.

For those who aren’t familiar with the group’s music, or maybe have only heard their singles, I encourage you to dig into the band’s discography, especially their latest album New Wild Everywhere. Their music features classic folk/country instrumentation and contemporary arrangements. Tony Dekker’s gentle, subdued vocals weave through the group’s rustic musical textures, and it’s all complimented by the group’s backing harmonies.

The band released New Wild Everywhere earlier this year. I was lucky to hear Dekker perform many of these songs solo when he played at Lawnya Vawnya here last year, and it was a real treat to hear how the band had fleshed them out on the record. Songs like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill-lament “Ballad Of A Fisherman’s Wife” and “Cornflower Blue” benefited greatly from the full Great Lake Swimmers’ treatment. There are also some new elements thrown into the mix on songs like “Think That You Might Be Wrong” which features some nice reverb-drenched electric guitar and a doo-wop feel. “The Knife” is a contemplative bit of poetry with some tasteful cymbal washes and mallets thrown in for atmosphere.

In my opinion, New Wild Everywhere is Great Lake Swimmers’ strongest album yet. Although it may not generate the hits that Lost Channels did in 2009, it is a much more cohesive record with absolutely no filler. Every song is well crafted and could stand on its own if need be.

Check out this and the band’s other incredible albums for yourself — last time I checked they were all available at Fred’s Records.

And don’t miss Great Lake Swimmers live at Cochrane Street United Church this Saturday (Sept 29th) along with very special guest Burning Hell frontman Mathias Kom who will be opening the show with a solo performance. The show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are available at Fred’s Records, O’Brien’s Music and Nourish.


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  1. Andrew · November 25, 2011

    Wicked album, heard them live on CBC back in the summer too and it was just as good or better than the recording. You’d be lucky to see these guys live!