Citing influences “from indie to grindcore”, singer/guitarist Nick Baker defines the The Narrators as “chaotic, emotional hardcore, with neo classical/math rock/black metal elements.”

That’s a lot of ground to cover, but these fellas weave it all together with staggering ferocity.

The Narrators came together in August of last year when Nick Baker (guitar, vocals) and Travis Fanning (drums, vocals) of the (now-defunct) local hardcore act Don’t Fade Away decided to start a new project, one that satisfied their collective thirst for math rock, and 90s-era screamo. Guitarist Brandon Coaker, bass player Andrew Morgan, and vocalist Matt Barron joined shortly thereafter. Andrew has since parted ways with the band, with Aaron Mcloughlan stepping in to fill the void.

“We’re about raw passion. Screaming over failure until you’re hoarse, being fed up with life and all of the shit it gives you…fighting but breathing anxiety, depression and panic. Worshiping vinyl, punk rock ethic and the scene… experimenting with math riffs, odd times and vivid harmony,” says Nick about the band’s direction.

The Narrators have been very well-received by the scene thus far, and are busily working towards their next releases—a split with Map to Temenos due out in the coming months, as well as a full-length record in the works, and a tour being planned for next spring.

When asked about inspiration, Nick gives a diverse list: “Leonard Cohen, pageninetynine, Cursed, Hot Cross, Usurp Synapse, Devo, Celtic Frost, and Frank Zappa.” AP


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27 November 2011

  1. nicholasjb · November 27, 2011

    i actually realized after the interview that i listed absolutely no math rock bands as influences

  2. anon · November 27, 2011

    the link is broken, theres a ” – ” before narrators, if you scroll over it you will see.

  3. Mash · November 27, 2011

    Some of my pics from Marystown! eeeeeee!

  4. The Scope · November 27, 2011

    Link is fixed… thanks.

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