Map to Temenos go to outer space and back

Map to Temenos
Switchblade EP
Map to Temenos’ debut album O! Sweet Guillotine is an album of hard contrasts. It starts with the jagged one and a half minute outburst of violent offbeat riffage and bratty yelping on “Woodpeckers and Termites Were the Outlaws of the Ark” and then transitions into the glacial epic instrumental “Inkvine” with some utterly delicious guitar work. The album continues with this back and forth dynamic alternating harsh angular algebra rock, sorta in league with Battles or early At The Drive-In, with long richly textured ambient passages. Jon Hynes’ production work makes the band sound thick, lush and brutal alternately. Though the album is a brisk 26 minute ride, Map to Temenos are successful at taking the listener to outer space and back, and for such a young band to be this adept at these stylistic diversions says a lot for their potential.

—Patrick Canning