Madonna: An Evening of Worship

Easter weekend for many people means chocolate, painted eggs, and, of course, Madonna night at The Zone. This year in particular has more people preparing their pointy party hat bras than ever. Why? Well, it’s the annual event’s 20th anniversary. Yep, it was back in 1989 that a bar called Private Eyes threw the city’s first Easter weekend Madonna extravaganza. That year sex and religion just couldn’t get along: the local sexual abuse scandals were hitting the news, and the queen of pop raised eyebrows for featuring burning crosses in her music video for “Like a Prayer”.

“If there are any memories I have of those first years it would have to be the crazy way people would act on the dancefloor, kneeling and praying whenever ‘Like a Prayer’ would come on,” says Zone216 manager Fabian Fitzpatrick. “And of course, being the devil I was, it was always fun to intersperse her video for ‘Like a Prayer’ on the big screen with images of the Pope and Father Hickey from the trip to Newfoundland. After all, it was an evening of worship,” he laughs.

No word on if Madonna herself will show up on April 10 (she might make a stop en route to an international adoption, who knows?), but local drag star Doris Anita Douche will be along to act as stand-in.

Zone 216, No Cover before midnight, $5 after. Friday, April 10, 11pm.