Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights


For the last few years there seems to have been a weird trend in hipster music to purposefully make music sound like shit. I’m not necessarily saying purposefully making shitty “music” but to make the music of highly regarded and popular acts, who should have access to decent recording gear, sound like it was recorded with the built in microphone from a 1989 Magnasonic boombox and mastered by a living compression pedal. No band more clearly defines this aesthetic than Rhode Island’s Lightning Bolt. On their latest album the drum and bass duo turn up the psychedelics, dumb down the riffs and turn the oppressive wall of relentless static way the hell up. The duo’s modus operandi has always been total sensory overload and although the album occasionally slows down to a druggy sludge, on the whole it is near a Merzbow level of audio carnage—clearly not meant for those of a milder disposition.

— Patrick Canning