“Life Impediments” by Rayfield

This Saturday local indie-rock group Rayfield will be playing their first show together since 2009. I first discovered the band’s music around the same time and have been a fan ever since. Earlier this week I checked in with Rayfield front-man Jordan Taylor to ask about the reunion show, what the band’s been up to during the hiatus, and to talk about the future of the group.

It’s been quite a few years since Rayfield went on hiatus. What led to the reunion this weekend?
The reunion came from a bunch of coincidences. I started to write a lot more than usual this summer and really wanted to showcase the new songs. Shortly after, Dan approached me and suggested getting the boys back on the go. Gene messaged me shortly after that and asked if we’d be interested in playing this show and the rest is about to be history.

Are there any changes to the line-up or will it be all of the original members?
This is the same lineup thats been playing since 2006. Myself on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dan Gilbert on lead guitars, Ryan Taylor on Drums, Matt Cross on bass and Dion Hynes on Accordion.

Can we expect to hear any new material on Saturday?
We’ve been writing up a storm lately and can’t wait to introduce some new material Saturday night. I have no idea where they’re coming from, but the new songs have an 80s-era Billy Joel vibe to them… should be a lot of fun to play live.

So is this a one time deal or can we expect to see more of Rayfield on the local live scene this year?
This is not a one time thing. We’re all home and really enjoying playing together again. We’re playing at the Fat Cat Oct, 20th with the Daisy Cutters and Tim Dodge. We also plan on recording sometime in the new year.

Don’t miss the big Rayfield family reunion this Saturday (Sept 29th) at The Levee along with Andrew Wickens (aka The Blossoms) and Smiley Ralph.