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Having only formed this past April, Kujo have already established themselves as one of this city’s finest rock bands.

“When Brad and I were in Trailer Camp, we talked a lot about old blues, R&B and 60s garage and psych rock. We all decided it would be fun to try and play some of our own stuff in that vein. I gave the guys a mix CD of old song demos I had that I thought might work. They kicked those songs in the ass—they’re amazing musicians.”

Victor had been one third of a blues trio called Mother Christi for several years with bass player Craig Follett and drummer Adam Cardwell. After asking the sickly talented guitarist Brad Power to sit in on a jam, everything came together naturally.

“Pretty soon we had a bunch of really fun, original tunes,” says Victor. “We changed the name and never looked back.”

About the first rehearsals, “we didn’t talk about it much.” Victor admits, “We just played and giggled a lot.”

A big part of their chemistry stems from the fact that they really stand behind the songs they are playing. They also happen to share a lot of similar musical influences.

“Rootsy stuff—Rolling Stones, Crazy Horse, The Band—but we also enjoy some darker stuff—Black Sabbath, QOTSA, Electric Wizard—also ragged garage and glam stuff—The MC5, T-Rex, The Velvet Underground—and brit pop melodies, old and new,” Victor says.

“We’re big fans of loose, badass grooves and big, stinky fuzz guitars.”

Cramming traditional rock n’ roll clichés up against each other in weird ways, Kujo are making music that’s refreshing and fun. AP


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20 July 2012

  1. michael · July 20, 2012

    never heard of Kujo before but they seem to be quite talented. Especially for a new band they are pretty tight.

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