“Je Suis Cake” by Trailer Camp

‘Je Suis Cake’ by Trailer Camp
I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with anymore details of my vacation but… too bad. During my travels I had my trusty iPod full of great tunes to help me wile away the hours of commuting via plane, train and automobile. Of course much of the music I have is from here in St.John’s, so it was nice to get a little piece of home when a song would pop up on shuffle. One local album I listened to from beginning to end on the trip was Trailer Camp’s 2007 classic, I Respect Your Footwear:

This past Friday, the cabin crew from German airline Lufthansa — the airline we were booked to fly out of Florence with — went on strike. Unfortunately, that turned what should have been 13 hours of flying into two days of missed connections, extended layovers and hours of waiting in airports with hundreds of other disgruntled passengers. When we finally did get on the next trans-Atlantic flight I set the old iPod to random and what should pop up but today’s track, “Je Suis Cake”. Inspired, I flipped back to track one “Make Like Nasa And Rocket” and listened through. I Respect Your Footwear was the perfect soundtrack of angst and exuberance I needed to get me through that grueling journey home. Thanks Trailer Camp.


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28 November 2007

  1. Derm · November 28, 2007

    footwear is one of my favourit albums of all time

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