“In The Arms of What Will Be” by Rick Fines

This Thursday, September 27th, Peterborough, Ontario blues man Rick Fines will take the stage at the LSPU Hall. Aside from being an award winning songwriter, Fines is also an accomplished guitar master, known for his unique combination of finger-style and bottleneck blues playing. Since 1995 Rick has released nine self-produced albums as well played on records by a host of other artists like Suzie Vinnick, Jackson Delta, and Tamarack.

Rick is also a music educator, making time to offer classes and workshops throughout his tour schedule. This week he’ll be doing the same in St. John’s. He has taught guitar at the Haliburton School of the Arts and works with children in schools throughout the country as part of the Blues In The Schools program.

Catch Rick Fines Thursday, Sept 27th at the LSPU Hall with local blues master Dennis Parker opening the show. Tickets are available at the LSPU Hall. Call 753-4531 or purchase online at www.rca.nf.ca.