“How Did I Get So?” by Ingrid Gatin

Winnipeg accordionist and songstress Ingrid Gatin will be in St. John’s this week for a series of shows as part of her Canadian spring 2012 tour. Gatin plays a kind of cabaret-soaked folk which will no doubt speak to local audiences who have the taste for the eclectic, and speaking strongest to fans of artists like Beirut, Sarah Slean, Andrew Bird, Leonard Cohen and Basia Bulat. Gatin’s performances are full of homemade percussion, foot stomps, handclaps and tambourines, and attempt to blur the line between theatre performance and old time gospel revival (she has been even been known to break out a mean cover of “Wade In The Water” now and again.)

This video for “How Did I Get So?”, directed by fellow-Winnipeg-dwelling artist Ryan Klatt, is a great sample of what you can expect to hear from Gatin. She’ll be playing several venues around town, beginning with Folk Night at The Ship on Wednesday (May 16th). On Friday (May 18th) Ingrid will be playing the much-anticipated show at LSPU Hall with Joanna Barker and Katie Baggs, two other excellent singer-songwriters (ticket info for that show can be found at http://www.rca.nf.ca.) Then she’ll be play a show Saturday (May 19th) at The Grapevine.


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