Hot Summer Guide: Music

Alex Pierson

I must ask that if you go to any rock shows this summer, please make sure you go see Victor Lewis’ new band Kujo. Victor has gone and upped the ante by assembling an extremely capable four-piece whose faces seem to register the fact that they know they are in one of this city’s best bands, and are enjoying the hell out of it. Along with some brand-new originals, they’re playing songs from several of Victor’s solo records, including the recent Good Intentions, which has enjoyed a spot on Fred’s Top 25 for months now. On top of that, word has it he has another new band in the works with his insanely-talented-brother Pete (remember The Jim-Jims?)… god help us all!

Accordion Idol
The 2nd annual Accordion Idol contest will take place this year on August 2nd and 3rd, at Monsignor Bartlett Arena on Bell Island, and I highly recommend you go and check it out. In case you are thinking of entering, the deadline is July 15th. For more info, go to Now, anyone wanna start a Bohdran Idol contest?

John Taylor
Imagine yourself in a room filled with the most beautiful and mind-blowing piano music you’ve ever heard live… now get up from your seat, and go to the back of the room, and sneak me in because this is going to be the hottest ticket in town! I am referring to the gifted hands of John Taylor, which you must see and hear to believe.  I can’t stress it enough. He is playing at the D. F. Cook Recital Hall at MUN on July 11th, during the Sound Symposium. Tickets go on sale July 3rd.

Other ideas: Duane Andrews, The Kremlin and The Discounts summer CD releases. Sound Symposium Night Music live improv sessions. Jazz in the Newman Wine Vaults.