“Some Vultures Are Circling” by Jack E.Tar

[wpaudio url=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11190797/trackoftheday/The%20Jack%20E.%20Tar%20-%2001%20-%20Some%20Vultures%20Are%20Circling.mp3″ text=”Some Vultures Are Circling by Jack E Tar” dl=”0″]
“Exactly what is a Jack E.Tar?” That was a discussion I had with some friends at last year’s RPM listening party. There are several places online that will help you find some answers, and not all the meanings are exactly politically correct, but I think we should redefine it as “a mysterious guy in St. John’s who writes and records kick-ass music” instead. Last year, Jack E. Tar seemed to come out of nowhere with his incredible RPM 2010 masterpiece Tempered and today’s track is the dream-like album opener. I love it especially for the syncopated, airy toms and cymbal washes, and for the whip-like cracks used for accent here and there. Jack E. Tar has signed up for RPM again this year, and on his ReverbNation page he says the album will “consist entirely of effected guitars and other stringed instruments… fused with other ambient or environmental captured sounds.” He also states his plans to release another “EXTREMEMLY Rock Record” in the months after February. I can’t wait to hear them both.



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7 December 2011

  1. Lanie Doe · December 7, 2011


    Jack E Tar, you make awesome noise.

    And Winky on the cover is pretty awesome too. :D

  2. Thrash · December 7, 2011

    Jack is the fling flong diggy dong!

  3. KANE · December 7, 2011

    I used to stroke with pictures of myself, now i listen to this album lol

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