Physical Patrick – “Prototype 0.1a Original Live Set”

Local electronic musician Patrick Dunn is a guy who radiates positivity. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like every time I run into him and chat for a few minutes I feel like I’ve downed a refreshing glass of water.

For many, listening to the music he makes under the aliases Physical Patrick (and more recently Missing Marbles) is a similar experience. It’s uplifting, energetic, and friendly, just like the guy himself.

Since this Saturday evening he and I will be sharing the outdoor DJ booth at the Eastern Edge Art Marathon, playing in between bands, and for the most part both of us will be playing our own tunes, I decided to ask him a few questions about himself and his music.

When did you start producing your own music?
I used to have an Atari 1040 ST and played around quite a bit in the late 80s, but being around the bay and before the internet, I wasn’t exposed to much electronic music. They never played any of that on OZ-FM! So my musical ability was a little too pure at the time.

I started producing again around 2000 when Liquid Ice first opened. I was dating a gogo dancer there, and I was like, “this music is awesome! I know how to make this!” So I downloaded Reason, got some Tannoy studio monitors and started at it again.

You created the St. John’s Electronic Music Producers Facebook page, right? It’s been a great resource for connecting local electronic musicians. Why’d you start it?
I did that because I was meeting more and more people who produce and we were all, like, all alone in the world. Plus I like geeking the fuck out on music production. I flew Deadmau5 here in ’07 for that very reason. I kidnapped him and we played in my studio one night.

What are you planning for the show on Saturday?
Saturday night will be a lot of my own originals, plus some other music you’ll never hear on the radio or in the bars downtown that tell their DJs what to play. My originals maintain a certain live element, where a lot of parts are created live while I tweak buttons and knobs on my custom control interface.

The Eastern Edge 24 Hour Art Marathon is an annual event where local artists work at Eastern Edge Gallery and surrounding spaces, creating original works throughout the day and night. The music portion of the Eastern Edge Marathon will take place on Saturday evening at Eastern Edge Gallery, with the following set times: 8pm Coach Long Legs / 9pm Mudflowers / 10pm Sea Caves / 11pm East of Empire / 12pm Derm Kean and an Incredible Woman / 1am Monsterbator. Between sets, live outdoor DJs Elling Lien and MssngMrblz.