Monsterbator – “Infinity House”

Local heavy rock outfit Monsterbator are waiting to release their second full length album later this year, but they’re chomping at the bit to get their music out there. To satisfy their urges, earlier this summer they recorded a quick and dirty ol’ EP and released it last month. They’re playing a show tonight at Distortion and a set at the Eastern Edge’s 24 Hour Art Marathon this Saturday.

Tell me about the EP…
We finished recording our new full length, Practice Moans For The Big Fire, back in February. It’s been in Toronto for the last couple of months being mixed by Ian Blurton and we’re hoping to have it released by October. Since we’re constantly writing and practicing we just wanted to put something out while people (and us) were waiting for the full length.

What was the recording setup for the EP like? Were the songs in the works for a while or are they new?
We set up at Distortion in June with Glen Tizzard and Matt Fudge and banged out four brand new songs, live off the floor. Actually, the last song, “Company Mine” was basically written while we were recording.

Is there a story behind the title “Infinity House”? What does it mean?
The Infinity House is an exaggerated image based on the inherent eeriness contained in German mathematician David Hilbert’s explanation of how adding and subtracting to the number infinity is possible.

Monsterbator, Be Alright and The Connexions will be opening for Sackville, New Brunswick’s Astral Gunk tonight (Thursday, Aug 23) at Distortion. They’re playing at the Eastern Edge Art Marathon on Saturday, August 25 (details here.)

The Infinity House EP is available at all Monsterbator shows on a hand printed silk screened download card done by Pink Eye Prints. You can also stream it online at


StitchUp for Friday, Nov 19

StitchUp for Friday, Nov 19

Strappy shoes and frilly skirt…

19 November 2010

  1. Hilbert · November 19, 2010

    Listening on the toilet… Hey! That’s a groovy movement!

  2. andrew waterman · November 19, 2010

    We crafted the infinity house EP specifically for maximum length and quality on the can. Hence the title.

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