“Jim Jones” by Baytown

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Many years ago in a Conception Bay South skate park, three young boys met and became fast friends. Before long they were playing music together and eventually formed a band. Those three boys were Matt Cooke (guitar/vocals), James Lee Wright (bass) and Mike Dinn (drums) and the band they formed is called Baytown. Since their formation the group has relocated to St. John’s and have been winning over audiences with their energetic blend of rock, funk, soul and reggae. It didn’t take long before Baytown had amassed a devoted fan base which front-man Matt Cooke describes as “…a combination of laid-back listeners and late-night dancers.” To date, the band has released two EPs which they have been distributing for free while touring Eastern Canada playing shows in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and of course here ate home. In 2009 their hard work was recognized by way of a Music NL nomination for Best Pop/Rock Artist of the Year.

Today’s track “Jim Jones” is a tragic tale of a old drunk who after losing his family and friends to the bottle decides to rob a liquor store and ends up getting shot. Despite the bleak narrative, the music is as upbeat as a “late-night dancer” could hope for with bouncy tom and snare rolls, punchy horns, walking bass and Matt’s soulful vocals smoothing it all out with a sandpaper rasp. Baytown will release their first full length album this fall and have country wide tour plans to support it. Meanwhile you can catch them live at Headquarters on October 1st.


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Shovel the Sidewalks?

Shovel the Sidewalks?

“There’s no way that everyone will do it.”

12 January 2013

  1. Rosco · January 12, 2013

    I recently caught these guys at the Ship a few weeks back…they have come a long way in the past few years and sound super funky.

    Great band to catch live, good job Baytown.

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